Peplink 20 Certificate Issue

We are not getting an upgrade for Peplink 20 Hardware due to which we are unable to resolve the SSL certificate issue.

Can we get Peplink 20 8.2.0 upgrade for version 4


You won’t be getting 8.2.0 or beyond as per the note here. But maybe we get get the nice folks at Peplink to update the last version of FW with a new cert? Or there’s’ a work-around?

cant you do your own certs?

Hey Rick
Thanks for the comments.
Is there any workaround for this?
Can we resolve certificate issue on version 8.1.3 ?


One can still get into the router’s GUI but the expired certs prohibit the use of Router Utility – which we consider to be a valuable product.

Suggestion: File a ticket and post the number here.

PFB the ticket number: 22070556


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