Peplink 1350 + wireless access point

Dear all,
i will buy one Peplink 1350 + 30 AP peplink (DCS-AGN )
what is the license for 30 AP ?
i want limited bandwidth for one vlan. how i can configure on peplink 1350 ?

  1. SSID. Deploy from Peplink 1350 to all AP
    SSID1: Bandwidth1MB
    SSID2: Bandwidth2MB
    SSID3: Bandwidth3MB
    Network of SSID1 is
    Network of SSID2 is
    Network of SSID3 is
  2. Group user
    Group-user1: only acces to SSID Bandwidth1MB
    Group-user2: only acces to SSID Bandwidth2MB

i have about 1000 user. can i create all user on Peplink 1350 ?
in future growup to 2000 user. Can i create 2000 user on peplink 1350 ?
Thank alot !
P/s: I’m from Viet Nam so my skill english not well.
Group-user3: only acces to SSID Bandwidth3MB

Plz, help me !

Hello thaidh1907

I hope this finds you well. Currently, the 1350 only supports 1 VLAN so a layer 3 switch will be needed behind the Peplink to help with this. Multiple LAN subnets will be supported by the Balance 1350 with firmware release 6.1 which is due out this quarter. We can create user bandwidth limits, by group, that will help you with bandwidth control. Out of the box the Balance 1350 can control up to 20 AP’s without an additional license. A license will be needed to control 21-500 AP’s. The 1350 can handle 5000+ so should be scalable for the growth you mentioned above. Please let me know what additional questions you may have.



As mentioned above version 6.1 will have multi VLAN support which allows you to define separate subnets for each wireless SSID. You can already set bandwidth limitations
for each SSID in the current version. 6.1 is currently in beta and will be released by end of this year.

User management would be done using an external radius server so the limit would depend on your RADIUS software. If you already have existing user accounts defined on
another system then RADIUS is generally the easiest way to integrate those accounts into your wireless system.


Great news, thank you so much !