Peplink 1350 stuck update route

I have Peplink 1350 with many 20 balance branches are stuck on update route… , any help???

most likely that you have overlapping or duplicate subnets. You can fix by changing the LAN ip’s of the offending sites or use the Virtual network mapping feature.

FW version maybe affect VPN connection between 1350 and 20 ???
I have 1350 with firmware 8.0.2
and some of branches have 20 bal with FW 6 or 7

Hi @snassifah,

Newer firmwares use more secure handshake channel TLS 1.2 older firmwares uses TLS 1.0 and 1.1. If you are using devices running firmware 6.1 or older you will no longer be able to form PepVPN tunnels with devices that are running newer firmwares. Balance 1350 running firmware 8.0.2 should work fine for creating tunnels with devices that are running firmware 7. I would suggest to update your older firmware running devices if it is possible to avoid any old firmware related issue.