Peplink 1350: Multi Administrator Account

Dear Sir/Madam,

Peplink 1350 are set up as Load Balancer in my organization network. The organization is categories as a large enterprise network which has multi administrator monitoring the Peplink 1350. In order to firm the monitoring activities, we would like Peplink to have 2 or more administrator to make changes in the management interfaces rather than one administrator account and one user account.

The purpose of this request is for us to be able to identify which administrator is making changes through different ID or username. By sharing one admin account with two administrator will give us limitation because we could not identify which administrator is making changes.

Hope this request is responded as promptly as possible. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

I like you suggestion, I would like to add to it:
Peplink should email an audit log to the admin showing the WAS and IS changes. or before and after changes. And Who made the change, even if it was a RADIUS authenticated user.
P.S. A Command-line output would be great! :wink:

I would greatly like the ability to integrate the peplink routers with active directory instead of Radius to authenticate user logon.


Nice to hear from you. I would like to know how do I get Peplink to email an audit log on weekly basis? referring to you comment how does the Peplink differentiate who made the changes if two administrator is accessing the same account?

Thank you