Peplink 1350 Bad GateWay

kindly, advise with the followings
Usually when i log-in to my peplink balance 1350 i can see the dashboard related to PepVpn profiles,
but when i log-in to my peplink today i seames that it is not exist, moreover i cann’t access my rouuter through in-control 2 account, it keeps showing (connection time out please try again later) but it seems that every things running and the WANs connection were connected, and the Peplink tunnels don’t have any issues,

moreover, a couple days ago, i couldn’t access my peplink balance 1350 till i reboot it.

Peplink balance 1350
(60 Point to Point profiles were created)
firmware version 7.0.1

Please download Diagnostic Report and open ticket for us to take a look.


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