Pepfusion over Hospital WAN (outward traffic only) combined with 4G (in and out)


I often need to have a PepVPN in a hospital environment for short periods of time (1-3 days).

Hospital ICT isn’t always welcoming unsecure connections on their network and are reluctant or slow in crearting dedicated firewall rules.

Presuming I have a LAN connection in the hospital from which I am able to browse the internet.

I have a Max HD4.

Could I create a PepVPN over 4G (in/out communication) and afterwards add the Hospital LAN as WAN to the PepVPN? I was thinking that setting the datatraffic on the Hospital LAN as outgoing only should do the trick and give me added bandwidth?

Should I change any PepVPN ports for this to work?

The purpose of this PepVPN would be HD video streaming from the hospital to …

Speedfusion in this setting would/could be done by FusionHub or Balance310 or 380 …

Thanks for any advice,