Pep VPN split tunnel

Main office is B380 with firmware 8.0.1. Remote offices are Balance One with firmware 8.0.1. Each device has WAN1 and WAN2 with different providers.

I am experimenting with the Pep VPN split tunnel feature. On main office I created three tunnels:

  1. Both WAN at priority 1
  2. WAN1 at priority 1, WAN2 at priority 2
  3. WAN2 at priority 1, WAN1 at priority 2

The remote is unchanged, still on single tunnel.

The tunnel works, it transfers data but the home page Dashboard shows tunnel 2 and tunnel 3 as “starting”. The “both” tunnel shows Established. Is this normal operation? I’m not worried about the Dashboard as long as the data is flowing as expected.

I have an outbound rule that should send certain data out tunnel 2. There is no rule for other types of data between the two locations so I assume it would use tunnel 1. How can I monitor whether the data is going through the intended tunnel?


Suspect the Balance One only having 2 peers PepVPN/SpeedFusion license and this is the reason why the third tunnel is not able to form.

You can check on the Status —> Active Session page to see the session that running on the sub-tunnels.

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Don’t mean to take this thread off topic, but related to the above, can you do a split tunnel to a fusionhub solo, or do you need a fusionhub license with more peers enabled?