Pep server for internet bonded connection

Hi guys,

I’d like to use bonded internet to have access to internet services (websites, mail, youtube and all like this). I have pep max on-the-go and i already used speedfusion (connecting to pep700 in my office). It always worked pretty good, connecting some equipaments between obvans and broadcast TV, but for now would be better to connect a server in internet that makes the tunnel, not connecting to other router.
Does Peplink offer this service?

Hello @ton_melo,
Have you looked at using the SpeedFusion hub virtual appliance for running on your servers, this may be an option for you.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus,

Which server could I use? Would be possible to have third-party servers (speedify, for example)? We don’t have servers to make connection to internet, and considering I want to use internet around the world, I am worried about delay if connecting just to a specific server (USA, e.g.).


Hello @ton_melo,
You can use the Amazon Web Servers (AWS is officially supported by Peplink) or another suitable cloud based platform such as Google Cloud Servers (these are not officially support by Peplink). By using the major hosting companies like AWS, then you have choices as to where you can host the server, latency will be an issue from one side of the world to the other only on timing critical applications such as VoIP and live video conferencing, AWS (as do other major hosting providers) have extensive fibre rings and redundancy around the world.

Something you will have to consider in where you host due the the local government regulations, for example most Australian government organisations can not host with google cloud as the data is not stored within the country, so they have to use AWS or another locally operating provider. Also if you are a US based business then you have to consider your data export laws, hosting a system outside of your country could contravene some of the US data export laws depending on your type of business.

There are several here in the forum with successful instances running of the FusionHub SpeedFusion, you can ask the Peplink team to put you in touch directly with a suitable partner to help get you setup and running with ongoing support. I suggest you seek someone locally to work with you, myself I’m based in Australia.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Great, Marcus!
Thanks for information.
I want to offer good internet connection for my clients that use in travels around the world. If I have a fusionhub license, this appliance is applied to a specific region, right? (US, for example).
Is there any service that I can connect automatically, switching to nearest server, in way to decrease latency (If I am in Italy, would be better to connect to a server in europe)?
Thanks a lot.