Peer to Peer Wans in cold standby


I have a Peer to Peer connection between a Balance Two (Office) and a Balance 20 (Home).

The Conenction is set up in Incontrol.

Looking at the Status of the Office Balance two, I see this which shows the connection on and connected through Digicel DIA:

But why are the other connections in Cold Standby? reason I am asking is that if the Digicel Connection is disabled, the tunnel fails.

All the WAns are on the Same “highest” connection status.

And in the config of the Connections, I don;t see any of them in a cold Standby mode…

I don;t see that in Incontrol either.

I don;t see anything in outbound Policy that would cause this either…

Apprecaite any help

What is the primecare subscription status on the B20X?
If subscription has expired you won’t have speedfusion bonding anymore, just cold failover.