Peculiar Glitch/Bug - DHCP cleint list missing entries and inconsistent DHCP reservation option

First - I’m new to this router, a Balance 30 - used a SysWan24 prior to this. I’m very impressed by the features, and so far, stability.

However, I’ve noticed a peculiar “bug”/inconsistency in the DHCP client list (Status->Client List):

a) Not all active clients are listed - in fact only two of five are. This is not good. (One inactive client is shown.)

b) Also, all the active clients are in the DHCP reservation list (added through the Network->LAN->DHCP Server Settings->DHCP Reservation) BUT only two show up in the client list.

Yes, I saved and applied changes.

Anyone know what’s going on here and how to fix it?

Please obtain diagnostic report and then create a support ticket

Please also let us know the IP address which missing in client list during you are obtaining diagnostic report.