PCI Scan Fail - UPD 500 ISAKMP Open|Filtered


We are failing a PCI Scan due to UDP 500 showing as open|filtered when scanning one of our WAN IPs.

I have an inbound firewall rule set to the following:

Protocol: UDP
WAN: Any
Source IP / Port: Any
Destination IP / Port: Any / 500
Policy: Deny

Is there a way to make the port show ‘closed’?

Also, we do have three IPsec VPN Tunnels running on the Peplink.

UDP Port 500 is used in IPsec communications, without that you wouldn’t be able to establish a tunnel. Can you switch from IPsec to PepVPN/SpeedFusion instead? There are two ports required to be open for that (default UDP 4500 and TCP 32015 but can be changed) and that might help you pass the security scan.

Hi Kevin,

I was suspecting that we needed those ports for it to work.

The IPsec Tunnels are connecting to service providers, that have Cisco devices on their end. Can PepVPN/SpeedFusion be used in that situation, or does their end have to also be using a Peplink?

PepVPN/SpeedFusion is only Peplink to Peplink. We use IPsec tunnels as well to service providers Cisco or Juniper gear.