Pci compliance fail


I am having the same issue as the thread below. PCI compliant failure due to the use of TLS v1.0 on port 32015

I am on firmware 6.3.1, Balance 310. I do not see a setting in Speedfusion for backward compatibility as indicated in the thread. Please let me know if there is a way to enfore TLS v1.2.



Please click on this URL link to look for the TLS v1.2 setting - https://forum.peplink.com/threads/4865-PCI-compliance-failing-due-to-use-of-TLS-v1-0?p=20163&viewfull=1#post20163


There is no setting for backward compatibility. Heres a screenshot.


Please click on the “?” at the “PepVPN Settings” bar, then it will pop up the small window for the said features.

Thanks and regards.


Nevermind… i found it. you have to click on “?” for that setting.



I’m failing PCI scan and need to disable TLS v1.0 and when I go to the option for compatibility, its greyed out. If I disable the PepVPN I can make the change.

But as soon as I re-enable the VPN from InControl, the option is turned back off.

How do I disable TLS 1.0?

This is a Balance One (7.0.0 build 2742) to Balance 380 (6.3.3 build 3560).



We will allow configuring the PepVPN “Backward Compatibility” setting using IC2 for next coming update. Please stay tuned.


Any update on this? Otherwise we need to disable IC2.


We still work on this. You may disable to SpeedFusion management for the time being.


Hi Scott,

Sorry, we should have redirected you to this thread.
The ability to disable TLS backward compatibility mode went live in production on March 6th.



Thanks, I have updated all our systems and will see what happens on the next round of PCI scans.