PCE/mPCE webinar

I wish to register for the mPCE webinar starting 8 May 2020. I do not have a PCE certification, so pre-requisite is not available.
I understand that I will get a full waiver for the first attempt at PCE, as well as for the mPCE exam, if I register for the mPCE webinar. Is this correct?

Another query, once I complete the webinar, within what time period should I pass the two exams?

Is there any question bank available to help me pass the two exams?

Are there any mock tests available for PCE & mPCE?

Kindly advice ASAP so that I can register at the earliest.

Franz Dennis

Hi @dennisf

The PCE certification is not a pre-requisite to attend our mPCE webinars but the PCE is a pre-requisite to sit the mPCE exam.
You will get a wavier on the PCE and mPCE exam fee if you attend the mPCE webinars.

There is no question bank but we will cover a lot of info for the mPCE in the webinars.
For the PCE, please have a look at our previous webinars - PCE 3.0 Campaign 2019 - #8 by Cassy_Mak

There is a mock exam for the PCE but not for the mPCE, attending the webinar and studying the available material should be sufficient study for the exam.

Thank You


Where can we have access to the webinar slides from the 2019 webinar for “Peplink Certified Engineer (PCE) 3.0”?

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