Hi Guys,
I am new here and i am studying for my peplink certified engineer exam! How ever i could not find any tutorial or exam questions to study! Anybody has these? or where can i find these? Do not want to spend a 150 us to take the exam to fail!
Please let me know, thanks in advance!

Hello @Eldsoky,
Have you reached out to your local certified Peplink Partner?
Your local certified Peplink Partner will be best placed to help you outside of what is recommended within the training and exam portal. There are substantial study guides and notes within the training and exam portal.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi @Eldsoky ,

You will find a lot of information in this post: https://forum.peplink.com/t/peplink-certification-training-material-all-courses

Good luck!


Hi All.

I cannot find any more information about the CPE training webinar.

this link PCE 3.0 Campaign 2019 only shown past scheule.

Will be any new webinars be scheduled in 2021?

Does Peplink have email address contacts for CPE certification and training?


Hello @Sonnyr_R,
Here in Australia, we are doing regional training more focused on the regional requirements; your local, regional Peplink Partner may have something available. We suggest reaching out to them or the regional Peplink distributor for your training needs.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Dear all,

If you have some open questions regarding PCE 4.0 or getting the license to be a PCE in general, we (Vitel GmbH) are hosting two more open-to-all sessions this and next Wednesday. The webinar will be in German, yet the Q&A session afterwards can also be used to raise questions in English, as our certified PCE trainer and sales engineer @dennishofheinz as well as myself know how to speak both languages :slight_smile:

Register here to be able to attend these sessions, even if you only have time on one of the two Wednesdays: edudip

We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Julia on behalf of Team Vitel