Pcap captures

I feel it would be good if the peplinks could do a pcap capture which can then be downloaded by the user rather than being bundled in the diagnostic pack which only can be read by peplink.

This would have some real benifits at times when trouble shooting issues. It would also be useful if a usb hdd could be plugged in for advanced logging features to be enabled.


I think this is a really good idea. We already have remote devices (like Yealink Handsets) that can do remote pcap capture, and this enables us to detect voip network quality issues at the handset level.

If we could do a capture at the peplink router as well, we would be able to compare captures at the perimiter of the remote network and then at the handsets which would enable us to spot internal cabling or LAN switch problems.

More vireable diagnostics generally at the Peplink Balance level would be really useful to like the Talari Link Bonding devices for example which give full access to device logs and pcap captures…

Add it Team Peplink please! :wink:

Thanks for your feedback guys, coming firmware 5.4 we will allow you to download the pcap file for advance diagnostic.

Stay tuned for firmware 5.4 release guys :slight_smile:

Awesome news Kurt! Look forward to it.