PayPal does not allow me to change my shipping address

Paypal will change the shipping address to your verified shipping address when you try to use one of the Paypal registered credit cards. This happens even if you have not signed in during the payment process and you will not be able to change that address if that happens.

Don’t worry, Peplink will always ship to the address provided on the Peplink website, you do not have to cancel the transaction and try other credit card. We will do so as soon as we receive a valid payment notification from PayPal. The address details associated with Paypal will not affect the transaction.

As an example, this will happen when you try to purchase our device using a personal credit card, which is registered with PayPal to your home address, while you want to ship the device to the office. As long as you specify your office address on our online cart, the device will be shipped there. If you still feel uncomfortable, please feel free to add a comment to your order in the confirmation page or contact our sales team separately.