Password reset for Max BR1 mini

Dear all,

I would like to reset the password of Max BR1 mini because i forgot it.
And not to reset the factory reset and only password.

Please kindly help to to fix this password reset.


Do you have a IC2 (Incontrol2) license up and running?
Using the IC2, you can access the device and change the admin password.


Thanks for opnions.
No, I don’t have a IC2 currently. Is there any other way to reset the password of peplink device like hard reset.


Please see the user manual (, Appendix A:

As a note, if the device is claimed to InControl2, depending on the IC2 settings, the device may have a policy immediately re-applied to it that may set the password.


Thanks for your information,

but currently we can’t login our pepwave device and also can’t export the config backup file.
Is there any other way to reset the password only.

Hi @nyishin16 . The procedure Peplink has documented and which @ChristopherSpitler pointed you to did not work? If done correctly vis-a-vis timing the log-in credentials should be restored to those shown on the bottom of the device. If you hold the reset switch down too long you will do a factory reset. We have not had to do this a lot but have not seen it fail.


Usually, you have to do a factory reset on your Max BR1 Mini router in order to change the password.

The following is a general how-to guide:

  • Find the Max BR1 Mini router’s reset button. Usually, the device has a tiny pinhole button on the bottom or back.
  • For nearly between 10 and 15 seconds, holding down the reset button with a paperclip or other comparable instrument. In order to avoid erroneous resets, the button is frequently recessed, so you might need to give it some force.

Holding down the reset button, keeping an eye on the router’s lights. They may start to flash quickly after a couple of seconds, which would mean that the reset procedure has started.

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Hello @nyishin16 (& our colleges here),
I understand that the ability to reset the admin password only using the reset button was removed sometime before firmware 8.4.0; the only options now are a full factory reset of the device or pushing of a new password via an active Peplink InControl2 service.

The ability to reset only the router’s admin password was removed to comply with industry security requirements; our team fully supported the removal of that reset feature (and was one of the teams to request its removal: Disable Factory Reset Button - #11 by mldowling ).

Our team strongly advocates for Peplink to improve the security of its devices. Here is another example of how we stand by Peplink’s improved security on all its systems ( Admin password requirements...LOL - #3 by mldowling ).

Happy to help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi Marcus. Interesting. While Peplink’s action, as you report it, makes complete sense for the reasons you point out, I guess we missed it! Perhaps it was in release notes somewhere? Thanks for pointing this out! And, to @nyishin16 , sorry for leading you astray!


Thanks for helping me such a great information and i just want to clear that

So there is no way to reset the password reset with reset button and
the way to reset the password is to reset the factory reset and using IC2.
Is that right?