Password not accepted on certain devices

Hello, hoping this is a quick question for the more experienced folks. I recently configured a Pepwave Max Duo through a TMobile SIM card. I had no issues connecting 2 iPhones and an iPad. However, I was unable to connect 3 other devices, all of which happened to be Android. I tried resetting the password on a number of occasions and while I was always able to rejoin on my Apple devices, no one else was able to join the network. I’m wondering if the password configuration needs to be set up a certain way, or if I have another setting that is preventing other devices from joining. As my Apple devices are all mine (same iCloud login) perhaps the security features allow them to connect while it is blocking others. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Sounds like you may be using WPA3 - Personal for your security. Try changing it to WPA2/WPA3 - Personal and see if that resolves it.