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So this password Change in 8.0.1 is rediculous. I have a bunch of mini’s and br1’s that have a 9 digit password and all upgraded to 8.0.2 and kept current pw’s at 9 digits. Now I get 1 new unit in thats running 8.0.1 and requires a 10 digit from the getgo out of box . That means I have to keep up with 2 pw’s for the fleet and theres no override of it. Not only that you cannot roll back the firmware to older model to add current pw and then move back to 8.0.2. Anyone know of a work around of this ? I understand this a issue with alot of people .

Dear @cfd825,

there is a new more strict password policy since firmware 8.0.1 for devices UI and this was required by government in some regions.

For your case if you want to use your 9 digit password, a workaround is possible using InControl2 (IC2).
Follow those steps:

  1. Make WAN connection UP for your device, eg for BR1 mini put SIM card and get cellular ready
  2. Login to IC2, create new group and add your device there by entering serial number
  3. At group level in IC2 go to Settings->Device System Management and enable “Device Web Admin Management”
  4. Select an option “Assign a shared password for all devices” and enter your password in the field as shown below. Minimum 8 symbol password is required.

If you already use IC2, you can easily manage the passwords, eg change them all to meet device UI requirements or assign random password for each device, what would be recommended.
You may read this topic about password configuration

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