Password change but unale to login

i have done something stupid

instead of changing the password by typing the new password on “admin password” and “confirm admin password”

by add AB at the end of "admin password : **********AB " and “confirm admin password : ********AB”

now i am not able to login, with my old password & new password.

Please help

Hello keck,

You will have to factory default the unit or access the unit using InControl2 (IC2) to change the password.

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read a post from ericwong

How to reset admin password on Balance 305 and above

Starting from firmware 5.4, Balance 305, 380 or above support admin password reset via the LCD panel. Admin password can be reset under Maintenance > Reset Admin Password on the LCD panel. Once confirmed, admin password is reset to the default value: admin and we can then login to the unit and change it to a new password as desired.

with this work for the below model ?
Model Peplink Balance 305
Product Code BPL-305
Firmware 7.0.1 build 2094

I should have asked what model you have. If you have a 305 or higher that isn’t PIN protected this should work.

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