Passtrhough Internet access via Datacenter

I have a client with a farm of Remote Desktop Servers deployed in their office. They have Internet provided by two ISPs (dynamic IPs) in their office and would like to simplify and improve office and remote workers’ Internet connectivity experience.

I would like to propose Balance 580 for their office and second 580 to be deployed in the datacenter - to almost match the datacenter speed of 100Mbs. What I’m hoping to achieve is to provide stable and faster Internet access for the office workers by creating a SpeedFusion link between the office and the datacenter and to use the Internet provided from the datacenter at the combined speed of both ISPs ~75Mbs. On the flip side I would like to give the remote workers single IP address (static) - from the datacenter - to access RDP server farm in the office via SeedFusion connection back to the office. This way there is no need for DynDNS to access RDP farm from outside.

Is it possible to setup this scenario using two 580s? Do I need two IPs in the datacenter to create “outbound” and “inbound” routes with single Internet access - datacenter provides single CAT6 patch cable for the access to the Internet?


Yes, it is possible to accomplish this as you described. You can use a public IP address at the data center for SpeedFusion and also use that same public IP to forward ports to the RDP servers. If a single IP address is used for RDP access to multiple servers, you can either load balance to the internal servers or use port mapping to map other inbound ports to TCP 3389.

Thank you Ron for the reply. The access to the internal servers is load balanced so a single port will be sufficient.

So in simple terms, the only setup I would have to do is to set the SpeedFusion between 580s and forward 3389 back to the office, or is there more to this? Do I have to set something up to push all TCP traffic to the Internet connection in the datacenter? In other words, when users in the office will try to browse the Internet will 580 try to satisfy their requests from one of the two ISPs directly or will it know to push all the traffic to the datacenter and let them access Internet from there? Please note, the only piece deployed in the datacenter will be the second 580 - no other severs or other devices.


Under the SpeedFusion profile on current firmware there is a “Send All Traffic To” option. You will choose the Data Center. This will ensure all traffic will go through the selected SpeedFusion tunnel.

This is great, thank you Jarid.