Partial VPN for PepVPN


I currently have a Balance 20 at the office.

At home, we have 2 devices that need to connect the VPN (L2TP/IPSec). But because both devices are on the same outgoing IP addresss, only 1 can connect at a time.

I was looking to get the SOHO Surf and use that for the home router. It seems that I could then connect both routers via VPN and that would solve the issue.

If I do this, can I have other devices at home not go through VPN? Other devices are streaming videos and do not need to be on the VPN.

Or if there is another way to solve this issue?


Yes it would.

The VPN would only be used when traffic is targeting servers / devices with an IP address that is on the office LAN. All other traffic would break out direct to the internet when at home.


great, thank you very much!

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