PARADIS MY - Maritime 5G by SeaSatCom

Captain was willing to upgrade existing installation in order to have 5G service when traveling across the Mediterranean and enable Streaming for Guests onboard.

We have installed one Max HD2 MBX from Peplink, on board MY PARADIS in combination with eight high gain omnidirectional cellular antennas.
The solution gives 2 x 5G Modems with 4 SIM slots. The antennas have been hidden into an empty dome, 2 x Maritime 20G and 1 x 4 Puma 401,
4 x 5G antennas per modem.
Each of the cellular modems has 2 x SIM cards provisioned by SeaSatCom providing real 5G with no limit and with full coverage in the Mediterranean. We reinforce the connectivity by implementing Speedfusion which gives connection stability and bandwidth aggregation to enable Streaming onboard.

Seamless 5G connectivity in the Mediterranean
Internet Streaming ready for guests.
Your Internet provider via VSAT and/or 5G, making your life easier on board ! 15 years of experience, 150+ yachts trust us.
SeaSatCom, the right solution !

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