Pantalla LCD de peplink mediafast 500

Buenas tardes, tengo un peplink mediafast 500 y desde hace unos días, despues de un corte de luz eléctrica la pantalla LCD del balanceador no muestra nada. No he podido ingresar por consola, ni web, ni localmente.

English translation;

Good afternoon, I have a peplink mediafast 500 and for a few days, after a power cut, the LCD of the balancer does not show anything. have not been able to enter by console, web, or locally.

Hi @MilenaSoto
Could you please submit a ticket to us and we will have a look at it

Thank You

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Buenas tardes Sam_ Norris, el problema es que el equipo ya no tiene garantía porque está instalado hace 5 años.


Based on the photo shared (LCD Panel), it look like the MediaFast 500 failed to boot-up. It’s can be hardware issue that require hardware replacement.

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