Packet loss on one Site of the SpeedFusion Tunnel

Our System has the following configuration:

Site A:
Peplink Balance 310 Rev. 1 Firmware 6.3.3 build 3231
3 WAN Connections:

  • German Telekom VDSL 50/10 Mbit
  • Cable bei KTK 100/10 Mbit
  • German Telekom DSL 16/1 Mbit
    Telekom VDSL is used for SpeedFusion

Site B:
Peplink Balance 310 Rev. 3 Firmware 6.3.3 build 3231
5 WAN Connections:

  • 3 Times German Telekom DSL 16/1 Mbit
  • 2 Times Vodafone Cable 100/12 Mbit
    Vodafone Cable is used for SpeedFusion

Since several Days, we discover problems with packet loss on Site B.
But only there. On Site A is only little loss to see.

How can I get deeper in inspection of the problem?

  • Is it TX or RX loss?
  • What kind of packets get lost?

Because the SpeedFusion is used für VOIP. So packet loss is a
real problem here.


You can run network captures on both devices (on the support.cgi page) and analyse the captures to see what packets are not getting to the destination.

I recommend using WAN smoothing for VoiP to mitigate against packet loss.,

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Thx for the quick answering.
It seems to help. Paket loss is not totally gone, but much less as befor.
Do I have to activate this on both sites or only on the site with the multi wan tunnel?
I guess so.

Later in the evening, I´ll start capturing packets.

Glad its helped. WAN smoothing works on outbound packets - so with VoIP you need to enable it on both ends of the PepVPN/SpeedFusion tunnel.

Hopefully the network captures will show you where the underlying problem is.

Good luck!

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