Packet loss on one Site of the SpeedFusion Tunnel


Our System has the following configuration:

Site A:
Peplink Balance 310 Rev. 1 Firmware 6.3.3 build 3231
3 WAN Connections:

  • German Telekom VDSL 50/10 Mbit
  • Cable bei KTK 100/10 Mbit
  • German Telekom DSL 16/1 Mbit
    Telekom VDSL is used for SpeedFusion

Site B:
Peplink Balance 310 Rev. 3 Firmware 6.3.3 build 3231
5 WAN Connections:

  • 3 Times German Telekom DSL 16/1 Mbit
  • 2 Times Vodafone Cable 100/12 Mbit
    Vodafone Cable is used for SpeedFusion

Since several Days, we discover problems with packet loss on Site B.
But only there. On Site A is only little loss to see.

How can I get deeper in inspection of the problem?

  • Is it TX or RX loss?
  • What kind of packets get lost?

Because the SpeedFusion is used für VOIP. So packet loss is a
real problem here.



You can run network captures on both devices (on the support.cgi page) and analyse the captures to see what packets are not getting to the destination.

I recommend using WAN smoothing for VoiP to mitigate against packet loss.,


Thx for the quick answering.
It seems to help. Paket loss is not totally gone, but much less as befor.
Do I have to activate this on both sites or only on the site with the multi wan tunnel?
I guess so.

Later in the evening, I´ll start capturing packets.


Glad its helped. WAN smoothing works on outbound packets - so with VoIP you need to enable it on both ends of the PepVPN/SpeedFusion tunnel.

Hopefully the network captures will show you where the underlying problem is.

Good luck!