Packet loss on LAN and WAN for about 3 seconds after applying Outbound Policy

Have noticed this a few times now on our HD4

When an outbound rule is applied (which is irrelevant to a services) we see about three seconds of packet loss on the LAN and WAN.

Ping to Google from device x.x.x.20

Airplay from same device running to x.x.x.21 was disrupted for the same time then restarted playing automatically. (Airplay was running though the LAN on the HD4

Rule been applied was
Outbound - Enforced x.x.x.100 to SpeedFusion so had nothing to do with these two devices.

It also causes VPNs to drop (not SpeedFusion) which are running from LAN to WAN not though the SpeedFusion tunnel.

Is this a known issue?
Bit annoying if all sessions even on the LAN are dropped when an Outbound policy is applied!

Thank You


No such issue reported for far.

Can you share us the info below for us to further check on the ping drop & VPN disconnection issue ?

  1. Outbound policy defined for the MAX HD4 (Screenshot)
  2. Firmware version running for the MAX HD4
  3. The ping drops will happen each time you applying the mention outbound policy ? or Randomly ?
  4. How many WANs connected for the MAX HD4 ?
  5. SpeedFusion “Send ALL Traffics” enable for the configuration ?
  6. Can you explain further for the description given ? “It also causes VPNs to drop (not SpeedFusion) which are running from LAN to WAN not though the SpeedFusion tunnel”. Do you mean VPN client connection to the internet ?

Do open a support ticket here, if you find the above info are sensitive to share here.

Thank You

Hi Sit

  1. 6.3.0s020 build 2205

  2. The ping drop happens just after pressing apply. Not randomly

  3. 1x WAN Ethernet, 3x Cellular (mainly using the WAN Ethernet)

  4. We are not using “Send all traffic to SpeedFusion” as we have traffic that needs to break out locally

  5. We have a VPN running from a server x.x.x.100 which breaks out on WAN 1. The few moments of packet loss causes this VPN to be disconnected. The SpeedFusion VPN remains active.

My main query is why does AirPlay drop for a few seconds?

Thank You!


This is a new issue identified for the Balance (Branch/Small Office, Small Business) & MAX device whereby the LAN port will be reset during applying changes.

Tentatively this will be fix for up-coming firmware version.

Thank You

Hi Sit

Thanks for your prompt findings on this.

Any estimated date for the fix?

Thank You


It should be available in Q2 2016.