Overlapped Criteria


I have upgraded from a Balance 380 with v5 firmware to a Balance 580 with v6.1.2 firmware. I am observing some behavior with the 580 and v6.1.2 that I did not see with the 380 and v5.x firmware.

If I make a change in Network–>Inbound Access–>Services, I am prompted with the following message.

*Overlapped criteria. Your settings is overlapped with the existing Service(s), are you sure you want to save it forcibly?

*There is a list of services, their IP address assignments, and their protocols.

What is the problem with overlapped services? Is it really a problem? My device appears to be working as expected. Any insight as to what this message truly means and its implications for device operation are appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

If there is an inbound service rule conflicting with another one it can be a problem. The Balance is simply giving you a warning with this message. You mentioned the device is working but the conflicting rule might not be working. For best results I would recommend being specific with this configuration so there are no conflicting rules.