Overflow + Persistence

I’d like that HTTPS connections use both the Overflow and the Persistence algorithms. They would always use the first ISP, unless it is on full capacity, and then they would use the other one. However, existing connections (based on destionation IP) should keep the ISP they got in the first place. Is that possible?

If you use overflow based on HTTPS traffic, with first ISP as the top priority, followed by the second, then they are in a way persistent as well, since all HTTPS traffic will be routed via the ISP with top priority.

*However, you need to factor in situation where the link does get overflowed. If a HTTPS session happen to initiate just before the top link got flooded, there’s a chance it’ll get disconnected when overflow algorithm moves the HTTPS traffic to your second priority link.

Not too sure what you meant by existing connections based on destination IP though. If you are referring to the rest of the traffic aside from HTTPS, either you add a new rule after the above, or edit the default rule to reflect how you want to route them.

It is the situation you described in your second paragraph that I want to avoid.

And that’s what I meant by existing connections. I should have written “sessions” instead. I want to use the overflow algorithm for HTTPS, but I want existing sessions to be persistent.