Overflow LTE bandwidth with a limit?

I have a Peplink Balance One with dual WAN connections. The LTE port is unused. I believe that for $20/month, I could get a LTE modem and add it to my ATT mobileshare group.

I’m not sure how this is possible, but in many places, LTE wireless upload speeds are much faster than hard-wired Cable, DSL, or Uverse speeds. Go figure.

In any case, here’s what I would love - some settings on the Peplink which does this:

  • If I want to do a a big upload
  • And there is LTE bandwidth left to burn
  • Then - route the packets over LTE.

I realize that the Peplink is not omniscient, and there’s no way for it to know "big upload " ahead of time. But I do wonder if there’s some settings which could accomplish this goal (perhaps, with the extra step of the user terminating then restarting the download, so that it goes over the fastest pipe)?


I will move your post to Features Request.