Outgrowing a B210

One branch has outgrown their B210 and are looking at a way of adding more up and downstream bandwidth by adding more WANs. The area they are in has severe service limitations and they are only eligible for slow ADSL links.
They use SpeedFusion for VPN between there and head office.

Is it possible to use a B50 along with the existing B210 to add more WANs? How would that affect the SpeedFusion tunnel? I can imagine a NATing nightmare.
Is the best (only) method simply to swap up to a B310 or a B580 outright?
Is there a buyback program if we’re upgrading equipment?

I believe this post is very relevant to me but my question regarding how happy the branch-to-headoffice SpeedFusion would be still stands.


This is considering a downgrade if you change Balance 210 to Balance 50 even you got more WAN ports on Balance 50. So this is not advisable if router throughput, SpeedFusion throughput, WAN port speed and etc are important. Please find here for the comparison.

For buyback program, you may check with your local Peplink partner. They should able to give you good answer on this. :slight_smile:

No no no. I didn’t mean an outright replacement of a B210 for a B50, I meant using a B210 in conjunction with a B50 as in what this user is doing.

Like this. How would SpeedFusion behave if it was established by the B210 off to another site over the internet?


Thanks for your clarification. This design is recommended if you used for internet load balancing only. In fact, Sit Loong has put a note here. If 5 x WAN are needed, Balance 580 is recommended.

Hope this help.