Outgoing policy control of bandwidth management on BLP-580

I have a 580 and have 3 x ADSL (6M/640k) , 1 x 4M/4M and 1 x 10M/10M, we want to have a bandwidth management to let one of the user group use down/up load of 6M/2M, please give me a advise. and other group work of unlimited.

And does the bandwidth management is not applied to the Site-to-Site VPN and IPSec VPN Channels?

User Groups Bandwidth Control doesn’t apply to traffic through Site-to-Site VPN or IPSec.

It is very straight-forward to cap a particular group to 6Mbps/2Mbps - have a look at our web admin demo page at http://www.peplink.com/demo/ under Network > Bandwidth Control, to see how it is done.

Is the Qos for VoIP/ Video conference applied to Site-to-Site VPN channels?

Yes QoS for VoIP within bonded Site-to-Site VPN, will come in firmware 5.4 production release, due out in a matter of weeks.

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