Outgoing Firewall Rules

Hi, I’ve searched the forum but can’t seem to find what I’m after… I’m wanting to restrict outbound traffic from a subnet on my Pepwave Surf SOHO and although I’ve created 3 separate rules:

  1. one rule for outbound UDP DNS port 53 from a subnet to anywhere
  2. another rule for outbound TCP HTTP port 80 from a subnet to anywhere
  3. another rule for outbound TCP HTTPS port 443 from a subnet to anywhere

I’ve also denied the default any any rule (it’s last in order too).

I cannot browse out via a browser. However, I have internet connectivity as I can ping out to from the router and get replies.

I couldn’t find any examples of outbound rules but was assuming it’d be straightforward enough. Obviously I’ve misunderstood… Pointers and examples welcome if possible please?!

Do your firewall rules specify the destination port and not the source port?

Hi Ron, thanks!
They specify both.

Try specifying only the destination port leaving the source port as any.

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Ok Ron thanks. I’ll give it a go and report back. UK time here so I need to get some sleep!

Hi Ron, that worked great thanks! I should have realised why that wasn’t working…