Outdoor Antenna for use with HD4


Can anyone suggest any good outdoor Marine grade antennas that can be connected to the RP-SMA Wi-Fi Antenna Connector and the SMA Cellular Antenna Connectors of the HD4 please?

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I would check out l-com.com. They have a wide variety of SMA antennas that work with the HD4.

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I did check with them but that only have one actually.

Are there any others you can suggest?

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You may want to consider this 3-in-1 IP67 model, available from our Online Storeif you have login access.

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That’s great thanks, I didn’t realize there was an antenna selection in the store.

I can see all the available antennae but where can I find detail specification sheets and user guides for them?

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I believe we have provided the antenna specification via email. It will be available from our website/portal once it is ready.

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Yes thanks, I posted a reply to your comment before I asked sales. Just waiting for specs on a few other antennas.

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Would you please send me info and quote for this antenna.
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I hope your news

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Absolute best WiFi/3G-4g-LTE marine antenna is the Shakespeare and I have three (3) in stock now:

Straight WiFi you can use the 5248:

Both use normal polarity N connectors so you need to transition to RP-SMA on the HD4 with an adapter or proper connector for whatever cable you are using. For anything over 25’ you should be using good quality LMR-400 coax

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We have used the Laird LD-TRA6927M3PW-001
LairdBroadband LTE Phantom surface mount antenna 698-960/1710-2700MHzdual linear polarization NC/NR

We have have great results with these antennas with all the Pepwave routers.

That’s not a marine antenna and the gain is a lot less than the Shakespeare which is critical with long cable runs working long distances over water. A marine antenna requires an 1" - 14 or 1.25" NPT mount which the Laird isn’t…

Would you please tell me the price and where I can get this antenna for HD4?

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You may send your enquiry to [email protected].

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