Outdoor Antenna for MAX HD4/HD2

Dear Guys,

I’m looking for an outdoor antenna for HD4/HD2 so that I could be able to connect to all cellular connectors (Main+Redundant) to a single antenna. Is there any recommendation for this?


Hi @Hootan_Rastkar,

If I understand correctly you want to connect all cellular connectors of the MAX HD4/HD2 to one single antenna?
So 8 connectors to 1 antenna for the MAX HD4 and 4 connectors to 1 antenna for the MAX HD2?

Or are you looking for 1 antenna per cellular modem?
So 4 antennas for the MAX HD4, and 2 antennas to the MAX HD2?

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Yes looking for 8 connectors to 1 antenna also plus GPS and WiFi.


This is, as far as I know, impossible.
Atleast, when you actually want it to work.

The most expanded antenna I’ve worked with had 2 LTE/3G connectors, 2 dual band WiFi connectors and 1 GPS connector.
I’m convinced that adding even more antennas into one casing will give only give you internal interference problems, instead of a better signal.
I can imagine that an all-in-one antenna with this many antennas would be perfect, but it’s just not practical.

An example is the Peplink ACW-853 antenna, you can find a photo of the black version below.
There’s also a white version available.
This antenna combines 2x LTE/3G, 2x dual band WiFi and 1x GPS.

The SKU for this product is ACW-853, the white version’s SKU is ACW-853-W.

Hello @Hootan_Rastkar,
It is never recommended to use a single antenna due to the fact that you are transmitting on each of the connections, attempting to combine the multiple MIMO systems has the potential to place electrical power levels into the receivers of the other connections resulting in high levels of interference and also potentially damage to the sensitive electronics.

You are also looking have very high signal losses between the antennas and the transceivers, one antenna divided by the number of connections ( Antenna Gain ÷ # Connections = Signal Level transceived)

If you really want to combine these, then you need something like a Hybrid Coupler designed to not pass power through from each connection as well as limit transmission interference to the receivers in each of the other connections. These are normally custom made and matched to both the transceivers you are using and the antenna, and they cost a fair bit (can easily be more than the combined cost of the separate antennas).

One company we can recommend for having these custom made are RFI Wireless here in Australia, we use a lot of there equipment for our various customers http://www.rfiwireless.com.au/integration-services.html (please not that RFI carry a product competing with Peplinks MAX range, though we believe the Peplink product to be far superior based on our experiences to date)

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: