Outbound traffic duplicated over Speedfustion VPN

I noticed this lately. I started running a sync from inside to some cloud storage. When I look at the peplink statistics, I see the same traffic going outbound(when sync is turned on) going over the speedfusion L2 VPN. The graph curves match up perfectly and it can be replicated. Any idea what is going on? I have a Balance 380, running 7.1.0 Build 2287. Any help is appreciated. We will be going full remote soon and I dont want to waste bandwidth. Thanks!

I think you may need to provide a bit more info on how you have the devices configured, where the device is (that is syncing) and where the layer2 gateway sits.
I’m guessing the gateway (internet breakout) is on the remote peplink/pepwave/fusionhub and therefore the session has to pass the l2 tunnel which is why you are seeing the traffic. this is just an assumption though till you are able to provide more detail.


Thanks James. The WAN connections come right into the HQ peplink. Then our firewall is behind the peplink. The same happens at the remote site, except there is no firewall. The L2 connection sits behind the firewall and goes from the peplink directly to a switch stack on each side of the VPN. All traffic from the remote site passes back through the firewall at HQ, including internet traffic. Its truly a “long LAN” cable. Thank you for your reply.

Hello @kiddietech,
You are on an old version of firmware with 7.1.0. Would you consider updating that as there have been many improvements and enhancements plus security updates? FW 8.0.2 has been stable in the public space for a while now.
Second is to check if you have selected the option to send all traffic across the SpeedFusion VPN, if it is on, then turn it off and create an outbound policy to send selected traffic over the SpeedFusion VPN.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thanks Marcus. Where do I check for that setting? I looked under Network>VPN>SpeedFusion and didnt see one. The closest thing I saw was NAT mode, which is unchecked.

Its probably a good idea to upgrade the firmware on both of them. If I update one to 8.0.2, will it affect the SpeedFusion VPN while the other one is still at 7.1.0? I would eventually do both but probably not right away. Just wondering if the VPN will be affected with differing firmware versions.