Outbound rule Priority vs Outbound Policy Failthrough


Reading about the V8 features. I see the description of Outbound Policy Failthrough. Sounds like the same as an outbound rule using Priority method. What’s the difference and use case?


Its different.
It lets you do something like this:

  1. Send all my traffic from my PC via WAN1 (which is dedicated to me).
  2. If WAN 1 is not available then send my traffic via WAN2 (which is normally used by my business partner).
  3. If neither WAN 1 or WAN2 are available load balance my traffic across WAN 3,4 +5 (WANs used by the rest of the staff).

1 and 2 above can be done with a priority rule no problem - but the priority rule can’t become a weighted balance rule when WAN1 + WAN2 are not available.

By using Outbound policy Failthrough, traffic types / traffic from and to specific places, can use a combination of load balancing technologies based on WAN availability.