Outbound policy

On my Peplink Balance 380, I have two WAN connections: one of 120 Mbps and one of 30 Mbps. When downloading, it now seems to me that these are linked: when for example the speed drops on WAN1 from 120 to 60 Mbps, the speed automatically also drops on WAN2 from 30 to 15 Mbps. What I want to achieve, is maximum speed on both links, at all times. So even though the speed on WAN1 (120 Mbps) drops to half, the speed on WAN2 (30 Mbps) continues at full blast. It seems to me that this is impossible to achieve. I am using a download manager, which otherwise works fine. So what I am looking for is that both WAN links download at maximum speed, independently from how the other links performing.

Can we have an answer?

Please go to Network > Outbound Policy > change setting to Custom. Retest your traffic.