Outbound Policy with SpeedFusion VPN

So I have a SpeedFusion VPN setup between my MAX BR2 and a FusionHub hosted in an OVH VM. Some websites do not want traffic from an OVH IP address, so I would like to set up some outbound rules but I can’t get them to work. I can’t even get the most basic rules to work. Here are two that I’ve tried:

When I visit a website like myip.com, all of the traffic from my laptop still originates from the FusionHub VM and not from my cellular connection.

What am I missing?

And I just realized that I was pointing those rules to a WAN connection instead of a Cellular connection, I updated them, but it didn’t seem to help…

Where do these rules sit in relation to your entire OBP.

The OBP rules are processed top down and first to match is what is applied, could you share a screenshot of your rule ordering showing how you direct traffic to your FusionHub and also where these sit in relation to that?

They are literally the only rules I have.

Got it, they needed to be above the SpeedFusion row…

That isn’t a super clear interface, but at least it is working now!