Outbound Policy Rule using Domain Name cuts bandwidth in half

On my Balance One, with 8.1, and domain-name outbound policy rules in place, the bandwidth is cut drastically, but I do not see a high CPU usage when this happens (which is odd, suggesting it’s not just a simple CPU overload at play. Hoping they can fix this in 8.1.1 or whatever :slight_smile:

Dear all, the reported problem will be fixed in 8.1.1. You may upgrade to the firmware below if this is urgent.

Balance One - https://download.peplink.com/firmware/plb1/fw-b1_210hw4_310hw4_br1ent_transit_m700hw3_hd2mini_hd4-8.1.0s031-build4959.bin

BR1 MK2/ SOHO MK3 - https://download.peplink.com/firmware/br1ac/fw-max_br1mk2_hotspot_sohomk3-8.1.0s031-build4949.bin


Thank you so much! I will update it tonight and see how it goes

So I upgraded, at least I thought so, but my Pepwave reports the firmware is still at build 4949.

But my CPU is now back down to a normal range… so the bug is clearly fixed…

Should my build really be reporting as 4916 though? Or is that a bug/glitch?

If the firmware build number shows 4949, then it is expected. Please refer to the screenshot below.

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Hello @TK_Liew,
We have today attempted to deploy firmware version 8.1.0s031 out to several Pepwave MAX BR1 Mk2 routers, in one organisation we have several hardware version 2 models. Incontrol2 scheduled updates and a manual update via InControl2 have failed (each time with the same result). All the Hardware version 3 updated OK for the client, the challenge appears to be with Hardware version 2.

The units are on a mixture of firmware 8.0.2 build 1480 & 8.1.0 build 4941. Of concern is that one of the units has gone offline and has not-self recovered.

We have created a Support Ticket for this with more detials, 20090195.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


@mldowling, thanks for reporting this. We will follow up with you in the ticket since we have more visibilty there.


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I just tested build 4959 and it does seem to fix the issue in my testing. Thank you.


My firmware expired today. I had upgraded to the latest build posted that addresses the issue mentioned in this thread.

What are my options until 8.1.1 is released?

Could you publish a newer build with an expiration date that will last until 8.1.1. is released?