Outbound Policy problem

I have a Balance device with 2 IP addresses on the same WAN, one primary and the other secondary.
For example the address I dial through a fixed address from my internet provider is: and with it I am connected, now I have purchased another address, and I get to the address from outside with no problem and everything is working fine.
My problem is that I want to isolate the surf out only through the second address, but that I am trying to force a certain object on the network to exit through the secondary address, I do not have the option, these are only through WAN2 but without the option to choose from which address.
I would love to know if there is a solution

Thanks in advance for the answers

To use outbound policies to do this you need to use separate physical WANs currently.
The only option open to you right now is 1:1 NAT Mappings where you can set the outbound WAN IP a specific LAN device uses.