Outbound policy persistence rule doesn't seem to be working?

Maybe it’s a problem with the domain, but I set up an Outbound policy as such:

Source : Any
Destination : Domain name : sgcpanel.com
Protocol : TCP
Port : Any
Algorithm : Persistence
Persistence Mode : by Source
Load distribution : Auto

The url I am actually trying to access is https://secure224.sgcpanel.com:2096/ and I will need it to work with other similar urls in this domain. It is still giving me an “ip address changed” error when I try to log in. I don’t know another way to test that the rule is working to confirm it’s not a problem with the service I’m trying to connect to.

Any help appreciated.

It would be good to have additional information to troubleshoot this. Please open up a support ticket with us here so may investigate the issue.

I’ll try to do that soon but I got it working temporarily by changing the source to my computer’s ip address, destination any, protocol any, and was able to log in without a problem. This leads me back to thinking it’s somehow an issue with the domain name entered versus the one I’m actually accessing (that includes the secure protocol https and includes a port number in the url).

So I’m functional for the moment, but I don’t think this is how I want it set up long term.