Outbound Policy - Load Balancing - WAN Priorities

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but I am missing it…
Is there a difference in an Outbound Policy Rules for Weighted Balance between:
WAN1 = 1, WAN2 = 1, WAN3 = 1
WAN1 = 10, WAN2 = 10, WAN3 = 10
Is it just about the ratio (all being equal in this case), or is there something else affected by the value of 1 - 10?

(using Max Transit Duo’s - FW 8.1.2, I think)


Welcome to the forum!
The numeric value is a number of sessions.
With all WANs set to 1 in weighted balance, each new session will be distributed to a new WAN.
If they are set to 10, the first 10 sessions will go out via WAN1, the next 10 sessions via WAN2 and so on.


That makes perfect sense. Thanks so much for the fast answer Martin.

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