Outbound Policy Load Balance by Service (google maps, google hangouts, etc)

I have outbound policies that specify wildcard google.* and many other destinations. But when I check active sessions I see that peplink breaks it down by different Google services (ads, hangouts, drive, maps, etc). Can you load balance by services that are not included in outbound policy, but are included in active sessions?

This would be a lot easier than having to make multiple outbound policies specifying by fqdn or ip address. (peplink seems to already know these ips since it shows active sessions for these services)


I agree with this feature request. I have been trying to figure out how to group my outbound rules based on services or not either through the default UI in the device or via InControl2. I have not figured either out yet when I look at the “Active Connections” the Service column is properly populated with the specific Service. If this Application/Service was available for outbound policy definitions it would make my life SO much easier.