Outbound Policy ignored / overwritten by PepVPN published route

I had setup an Outbound Policy rule for traffic intended for the at a customers site on a Balance 30, with the rest of the traffic being sent over the PepVPN via a secondary Outbound Policy rule to our Balance Two at HQ.

Everything was working perfectly, but when a colleague added a route for on the Balance Twounder Network → LAN → Network Settings → Static Route Settings, that route was published by the PepVPN and seemingly overrode my Outbound Policy, routing that traffic to the Gateway specified on the Balance Two.

Is this intended behavior? Is there a way to override it and make sure the Outbound Policy I set is respected?
I have Expert Mode turned on but don’t see anything that would change the behavior in the Outbound Policy rules or anywhere else in the Peplink Web Admin.

@todd_covariant, all Peplink policies start at the top and move down, so you could add another outbound policy for that subnet below or above your current ones, or you can remove the SF broadcast of that subnet through BGP or OPSF to stop that subnet

It may not seem obvious, but when you enable expert mode the top of the outbound policy is now:

“PepVPN / OSPF / BGP / RIPv2 Routes
SpeedFusion Cloud Routes”

That tells you that the 1st item in the outbound policy are the PepVPN/OSPF routes… So you want to move your outbound policy for above that line… It doesn’t seem obvious that you can drag a rule above that line, but that is how it works…

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