Outbound policy for streaming traffic

Given the problems with streaming services such as Netflix and ATTNow over VPNs such as Speedfusion, has anyone figured out the outbound policies or series of outbound policies that will make these services use a locally managed and load-balanced WAN pool, and fall through to the VPN rule/outbound policy if non-streaming traffic?

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Use Expert Mode and drag the policy above the PepVPN line. It will only work for dedicated streaming devices with IP or MAC address, not streaming apps or in a browser of a general purpose device, i.e., computer or phone.

Interested in the same

Unfortunately, the Peplink doesn’t allow defining a traffic type for Source (kinda like SaaS does). Only IP, IP Subnet, and MAC. This limits segregating these outbound policies for only dedicated devices. I use a tablet for all of my streaming so it works for me - all of my streaming falls to local load-balancing, avoiding PepVPN/Speedfusion. I would prefer that the streaming services would leave my VPN connection alone but this is hopeful thinking.

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