Outbound policy for client by DHCP Name rather than IP address or MAC?

A friend was trying to play a game which chokes on a dual WAN setup.

I was able to solve the problem by:

  1. finding the IP address of the PC on WiFi
  2. Going to Status/Client List, reserving that IP address on DHCP and naming it (so I could remember what it was)
  3. setting an outbound rule based on the IP address.

This works fine, but it’s not super easy.

Things that would be nice:

  1. On System/Client list, a way to click a client and view or edit rules for that client. And possibly some Flag or special note when a Client has special rules in force.
  2. On Network/Outbound Policy : Allow us to choose “Source=” and provide the DHCP Name of the client. As is, we either have to remember, copy & paste the IP address or MAC address.


Thanks for your suggestion. I will move your thread to Feature Request for the team to consider.