Outbound policy Bandwidth limits

Is there any way to set bandwidth restrictions for outbound policy?

It would be nice to be able to have set the rule for say youtube.com policy to use ISP 1 with 20mbps(total capacity of 100) and then overflow to ISP 2 and use say 10mbps(total capacity 25). So both links still have capacity, but we are not using all of our capacity for non important traffic. (I know I can do this on my sonicwall, but want it all in one place aka peplink balance)

I find the Bandwidth control to broad, which is good for general limiting, but I want to limit the biggest offenders like youtube, netflix, facebook, snapchat etc.

I guess this isn’t possible? Should be pretty easy I just can’t find the area.

We do not support setting bandwidth limits to specific domains. Thanks.

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