Outbound policy and multiple domains in a single rule


Is there a way to put multiple domains in a single outbound policy rule, vs having to duplicate them and set the rules over and over? For example, I am setting these to priority and specifying the order of the connections to use, and I had to set it up 7 times.

Would love a way to chain these together in the UI, either with a pipe (|) or the ability to add a row and type it in. Would also like to see a way to duplicate an existing rule.

Better yet, your team has already done the research on the service types in the Active Sessions screen. Allow us to select those from a dropdown list in outbound policy and simplify entry for known services.


agree! +1




If you use inControl you can clone outbound policy rules. One of the many reasons to use inControl.

I can’t understand why it should take 9 different rules to route youtube traffic.

+1 for this!

A nice clean way to do this that I’ve suggested before would be to allow Grouped Networks to also take domain names as inputs, rather than just IP networks, then just use the existing Grouped Network function in the policy.

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Support this !