Outbound policy - ability to use DSCP markings on traffic

I couldnt find a previous request but this comes up for SAS at the moment, we have customers running workstation apps like Skype/Jabber which pre-mark traffic with DSCP tags, fine for the QoS rules but in the outbound policy I can see no way to pickup on DSCP to force traffic down a sub tunnel for example (tunnel A for data, tunnel B for voice with FEC or WAN smoothing enabled)

I can see it would be a very useful feature as most voice and video is pre-tagged now.


Iā€™m looking for this too. Thinking of buying a balance 310x but only if I can route traffic from zoom etc to speedfusion wan smoothing. Can that be done?

Yes. Zoom specifically is available in the upcoming firmware 8.1.0 see


Awesome. Thank you for the rapid reply.

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