Outbound Persistence rule and WAN connection availability?

I am currently setting up a balance router with two WAN connections and a backup cellular WAN. While setting up the outbound policies for load balancing I started to wonder about how the Persistence algorithm behaves when a WAN connection disappears.

For example, Computer A starts a session that falls under the https persistence rule and is mapped to WAN1. The rule is by source so that Computer A will always go through WAN1 for all traffic falling under the https persistence rule.
Now WAN1 goes down. What happens? The rule says Drop Traffic if the connection is not available, the option to use any available connection is not available for that rule. Does that mean that Computer A will not be able to use HTTPS until WAN1 comes back up, even though WAN2 is up? Or does the persistence rule logic resets when a connection disappears, thus mapping Computer A to WAN2 going forward?

Similarly, let’s say WAN1/WAN2 are down and the backup cellular link gets mapped to Computer A for persistence. If WAN1 comes back up, the cellular back up should go down, will persistence reset and switch Computer A back to WAN1?

Thanks for your thoughts if you have already figured it out :),

I experimented more with this and it seems that when the WAN1 connection is dropped the persistence rule allows Computer A to go through WAN2, even though it was bound to WAN1 by the rule.
So it seems to be OK, but it would surely be nice if someone with experience with the persistence algorithm could clarify how it behaves exactly when WAN connections come and go.